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For many 4×4 enthusiasts, there’s nothing more exciting than the idea of a weekend off-roading. The freedom and fresh air of the trails, and the unpredictability of the conditions are our idea of heaven. however, as exciting as it can be to dive straight into things, it’s important to ensure that you have the correct off roading equipment to make the trip go safely and smoothly.

Here is our essential 27-item checklist of things to consider for either before, or during your off roading trip, and a few bonus luxuries too!

  1. Engine Oil – Essential for lubricating and cooling the engine, ensuring optimal performance and preventing damage during off-roading.
  2. Gear Oil – Necessary for smooth gear shifting and to protect the gears from wear and tear during challenging terrains.
  3. Brake Fluid – Vital for maintaining reliable braking performance, especially when tackling steep inclines or off-road obstacles. Also ensure you replace worn brake pads.
  4. Transmission Fluid – Ensures smooth gear changes and protects the transmission system from excessive heat and friction while navigating off-road conditions.
  5. Coolant Crucial for regulating engine temperature and preventing overheating, especially when pushing the vehicle’s limits in rugged environments.
  6. Wiper Fluid – Helps maintain visibility by cleaning off mud, dust, and debris from the windshield during off-road adventures.
  7. Adhesives – Being prepared for makeshift, on-the-go repairs is crucial. An adhesive such as Q-bond will be useful for quick repairs and securing loose parts that may come loose during rough off-roading.
  8. Light Bar – Provides enhanced visibility and illumination during night-time off-road excursions or in low-light conditions.
  9. Fuel Filter – Filters out impurities and debris from the fuel, ensuring optimal engine performance and preventing damage to fuel system components.
  10. Spare Bulbs/Fuses – Enables quick replacement of blown bulbs or fuses, ensuring proper functioning of lights and electrical systems while off-roading.
  11. Air Compressor/Pump – Allows for inflation of tires to the appropriate pressure, necessary for maintaining traction and avoiding punctures or blowouts on uneven terrain.
  12. Tool Kit – It’s recommended to keep a selection of essential tools for minor repairs, adjustments, and maintenance tasks..
  13. Funnel – Facilitates easy and clean pouring of fluids such as engine oil, coolant, and wiper fluid.
  14. Shovel – If things are going to get muddy, you may have to muck in and dig out. Can also be useful for clearing any obstructions on the trail
  15. Tow Bar – Somebodies probably going to get stuck, so be prepared to tow.
  16. Tow Strap – A tow strap with a good strength is perfect for rescuing your mates – or yourself – from challenging situations.
  17. Spare Wheel/Repair Kit – Uneven terrain can really punish your rubber – be prepared to make a change or repair in case of a puncture.
  18. Spare Lug Nuts – Lug nuts are essential for securing the wheels to the vehicle and ensuring they stay in place during off-roading, preventing accidents and wheel detachment.
  19. Torch – Trails can get rather dark, a torch is perfect for lighting the way and also illuminating small crevices during fiddly repairs.
  20. Batteries – The more batteries the better, whether it’s for your torch, your vehicle, or your key fob – nobody wants to be caught with a flat.
  21. Gloves – Off roading can be dirty business, but it’s best to keep your hands protected during repairs and when handling fluids.
  22. GPS – Getting lost can be fun…for a while, but we all want to get home eventually!
  23. Water – Long days off roading can be a real drain, it’s important to keep yourself AND your 4×4 hydrated.
  24. Duct Tape – Things are going to break, and there’s not much that duct tape can’t hold together at least temporarily.
  25. Jack –  Allows you to change a tire or perform repairs on the undercarriage when necessary.
  26. Jump Cables – Nobody wants a flat battery, especially off roading. Carry jump cables to keep everyone going.
  27. Ramps – Ramps are useful for creating an incline or decline, enabling you to drive your vehicle onto them for maintenance tasks like oil changes or inspections, especially in areas where level ground is scarce.

The luxuries:

  • BBQ – Heading on an overnight trip? What could be better than to set up camp and enjoy a BBQ under the star
  • Food – Keep your strength up when the nearest service station is miles away – plus, what good is a BBQ without food!
  • Knife – Ideal for food, and also useful for on the go DIY vehicle fixes
  • Tin opener – Nobody wants to be miles from home and realise they can’t open their baked beans!
  • Cool Box – Nobody wants to sit down to a warm water/beer at the end of the day, keep those drinks cool.
  • Waterproofs – We know, it’s off roading, it’s going to get dirty, but something waterproof will be much more welcome than sitting in wet clothes all day.
  • Toilet Paper – When nature calls!
  • Sunglasses – Off roading provides enough obstacles without being blinded by the sun.

It’s understandable to want to pack light, but by ensuring that you have cover these bases – either before setting off, or at least having them within your group – you’ll make sure that your off roading trip is safe, successful, and fun!

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Got all of the equipment you need? Don’t forget to check our 20 step checklist on preparing your vehicle for off roading.



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